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"........night for a moondance"

chrissy text me sunday asking if i wanted company..............are you kidding? of course i told her, "sure come on over", she has never seen where we live now and it had been a week since i had seen her.
she called for directions and we talked the whole time about her problems with her ex all the way up to her arrival.
we sat out front and had a few brews while she told me more about the "ex factor".
my niece michelle, mikes oldest daughter came over to where we were sitting, i introduced chrissy to her and her to chrissy and she hung out with us, which of course caused a change in the subject matter. this proved to be a good thing.
my other niece, rachelle came outside and hung out with us also.
the girls, chrissy included, talked of movies, working out, etc. i could see chrissy's mood changing for the better.
later in the evening mike, penny and my nieces went out to eat. i had already eaten and chrissy said that she too had eaten earlier with her kids and was not hungry.
we sat outside a bit longer and then chrissy said, "want to play a game of darts?"
do i want to play darts? do bees make honey?
so we go inside, i show her the house and we go to the "game room" to and play a game of darts.
i ask chrissy if she wants some music and she says, "sure".
i have a 5 disc cd player that i had put cds in a few months back, i had no idea what cd would play first when i turned it on.
it was billy ocean's "suddenly" album.
for those not in the know, the first song on the album is caribbean queen.
chrissy smiled, started singing with the song and doing a little dancing in between throwing darts.
she was making me laugh. she was having fun and acting all crazy.............
the dart game was almost over when the title song came on and chrissy wanted to slow dance.
we did.
she thanked me for "being there" for her.
i told her i would always be there for her, we kissed, exchanged "i love you's" and finished the game.
oh yeah, she won..........blah!
she called her oldest, told her she was on her way.
i walked her to her car........another hug........another kiss.

"what a wonderful night.............."
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