coolypop (cooly) wrote,

back to morro

went to morro bay saturday, it was cooly cool! about 80 degrees, which felt great to me, but the locals thought it was a heat wave! hahahaha!!!
went into cayucos and had dinner at the sea shanty, my favorite place to eat.
dinner included clam chowder, salad with ranch, baked potato, grilled red snapper and of course a glass of "hef" on tap. yummie!!!

stayed at the econo lodge which is caddy corner from the days inn, which is where i usually stay. however a 20 dollar difference per room swayed me over to econo. the rooms were just as big and had all the amenities that days inn has, so i was pleased. just the parking sucked.........barely enough room to get in and out without running into another car.

anyway, here is a pic looking at morro rock from my doorway........

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