coolypop (cooly) wrote,

........and you are just telling me this now??????

hahahaha! yup yup yup..................two weeks ago on a saturday when i was on vacation visiting my dad and my brother dave from colorado, a good portion of the family met at mimi's cafe to celebrate my dad's gazillionth "b" day.
here is a pic of that auspicious event:

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sitting on the floor is my brother robert.
next row l to r: my step-mom sally, my sis-in-law margy (robert's wife)(she saved my life several christmas's ago), my grandma julia, my "uncle" george (sally's brother), mikey (sally's nephew's boy) and the good look'en girl with her hand on george's shoulder was his date for the evening.
last row l to r: frank (robert's buddy from the elks), my daughter teri, the guy behind her with the cheesy grin is her hubby chris, old cooly himself, my dad the birthday boy, my daughter cathy and the colorado boy himself, my brother dave.
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