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riverside on parade...................

woke up this morning, six thirtyish, to the pitter patter of rain on my bedroom windowsill and the mild clap of thunder in the distance. how cool i thought. that thought, however, was rudely interrupted by the next extremely loud house shaking clap of thunder that sounded like it popped right over our house and lite the whole house up like we were surrounded by police with their spotlites pointed at us!
well that didn't scare the pee out of me, but i did have to go.
went, and as i departed the bathroom, the big brother of thunder claps exploded over our house. shaking the house so bad that a typewriter (a what?) fell from the top of one of our closets onto the floor dislodging the closet door from its hinges............yeah like that!
the rain and thunder has cleared out now and the sun is peeking far.
oh, going to my dads today to spend the weekend.

how cool is that?
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