coolypop (cooly) wrote,

stir of echos 2010.....maybe kinda sorta

it has been a little over a month since my dad passed................
the day he passed (around 2:00 that friday afternoon in late march) caused quite a stir amongst our family above and beyond the fact that he was no longer "amongst the living".

me: that morning at work as i walked down the hall of the breakroom to use the "little boys" room i noticed (at the end of the hall) what looked like a statuette of the virgin mary in a kneeling position....praying. i was like, w.t.f.?? upon closer inspection i realized it was merely a bag of dog food in a blue and white pkg. again, later that day, i saw the same thing as i walked down that hall. at which time i thought to myself, "boy, you need more sleep or a better pair of glasses!" that evening, after he had passed, i went to the frig in the garage to get another beer (i was quaffing quite a few that day). as i opened the frig door i could of sworn someone was standing right behind me, i turned and of course, no one was there. freaked me out a little to the point that i got a chill down my back...............

cousin alex: later that evening alex, his dad george and my brother robert along with our cousin jorden went to give grandma julia the news. she took it fairly well. (she's 97)
when alex and george got back in the car to go home, they noticed that the digital display on the radio was flashing, it was not the correct date, it was the date my mom and dad were married.

mom: that night my cousin jorden and i stayed to give my mom (her aunt) company. in the morning my mom asked jorden where the other pillow was. she had given her two that evening. one of which was my dads. jorden told her that she had put both pillows back on the bed. dads pillow was not there. we started looking everywhere, even places it couldn't possibly have been. we were about to give up when my mom noticed "stuffed" between the bed and the wall was the pillow. she had to struggle to get it out from that tight spot.

my "sis" nancy: the night befor my dad passed away she had a dream about her grandmother. she (her grandmother) was on the other side of a river, and yelled to nancy, "don't worry, i got him!"

the next door neighbor (an older lady of asian decent): told us that she had had a premonition about my dads death, she heard a voice cry out to her (in her language) the evening befor.

so, up untill two days ago that was pretty much it, then i had a dream about my dad: my brother dave and i were at a table eating (dinner?) with our dad. he looked younger, maybe in his 50's. my dad was almost done with his meal when he just stopped, looked at his food, then my brother and i, then simple said, "i can't finish." we both encourged him to eat more......then i woke up.
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