coolypop (cooly) wrote,

japan rocks, rolls and takes a bath

ok, i'm reading "let us pray for those in japan" "let us give aid to those in japan" "anything can happen at any time, be prepared" "its the beginning of 'the end of times'" whoaaaaaaaaaa folks!
i agree, the earthquake and ensuing tsunami that fucked japan in the ass is catastrophic! prayers? ummmm, ok. but aid? how about our own coast line and the islands of hawaii: maui and the the big island, hawaii? should we not take care of our own first? i had a teacher in collage that once asked the students in the class, what they thought was the most critical current event in the world (this was the early 70's) that needed to be solved? almost every person resounded "viet nam". our teacher shook his head in disdain. he stoop up, looked at us and said, "we as a people (country) tend to run away from our own problems and try to solve those of other nations." the most critical thing that needs to be taken care of is in our own backyard! our failing inner cities that are corrupted with crime and poverty and disease." we were stunned, but he was right. and i am right on this one: u.s. first, then worry about the rest of the world. oh, and did everyone just forget about pearl harbor? i don't think the families of the guys entombed in the belly of the arizona have forgotten! japan kicked our ass with a surprise attack, destroyed most of our naval fleet and blew up everything and killed everyone they could on the island with "extreme prejudice"!

now, the whole biblical "end of times" thing. i believe in a higher power (god, the great creator, etc.), i also believe that when (i think it was paul) wrote his letters to the thessalonians about the second coming of jesus (the rapture) he was sincere in believing that this would take place sometime in the near future. well, what if it did? what if we are the children of those that were left behind? yeah, try to swallow that pill.
of course the more accepted theological view is that it hasn't happened yet. ok, cool. but if even jesus doesn't know when it is going to happen, what makes us as "god's children" think we can figure it out?
please!! "oh, the weather is changing, there are lots of earthquakes, volcanos are erupting", etc. doesn't anyone other than myself watch the discovery channel? approximately every 10,000 years there is an ice age. we are getting close to that point (give or take a few thousand years). there was a "mini" ice age when our country was still fighting the british for our independence. look at the painting of washington crossing the delaware. it is historicly correct from a climate standpoint. there would have been blocks of ice on the river. there was a summer "that wasn't". the island of krakatoa blew the fuck up and the folks twenty miles away on one side were incinerated by the plasmatic flow, the folks twenty miles the other way were drowned by the tsunamie. this shit is nothing new to our planet.
the earth is billions of years old, it has gone through all kinds of climate changes, shit, it was an ice planet at one time!!
so don't tell me the end of the world is near using weather as your indicator.
god made the earth, i believe that. tectonic plates, the "ring of fire", his.


~steps down from soapbox~
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