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been a long time gone..................

warning! this is a rant!! turn back now!!!

i have been a member of the retail clerks union since 1966. (no "i wasn't even born yet" jokes)
well over approximately the last ten years i have noticed that and have endured the fact that; "my" union has been taking a slow shit!!! lost benefits, lost job security, lost lost LOST!!! things that the members in the 40's and 50's fought for..........DIED FOR!!! ALL GONE TO GREEDY MONEY HUNGRY BASTARDS!
the topper however, was today my dear lj and facebook friends. a dear friend of mine, also a union member, went to see her doctor today and was turned away..................because she was a dollar and some odd cents short on her premium..............................A DOLLAR SHORT!!!

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SOCIETY??? WITH THIS MEDICAL SYSTEM??? no one could say, "go see the doctor. we will worry about the dollar later?"

and what was the unions response to my friend when she called to find out what she could do?: "drive down here, pay the dollar and we will make sure you get to see the doctor tomorrow." which translates to: drive way the fuck out to where we are so you can spend an hour on the freeway and 20 bucks in gas, give us a dollar and maybe you can see the doctor tomorrow. unless of course what you have kills you befor then.

richard pryor once said (as a joke?) "the only fucking god we believe in is on a dollar bill!"
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